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Hi all- First time GSD mom here.

We adopted our boy in April from a rescue. He was labeled a GSD mix, no info about the parents. He weighed 13 lbs at 3 months old. We originally had him on Fromm but switched to Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy pretty quickly.

By 6 months old, he was 35lbs and growing rapidly. Since then, his growth has slowed to a crawl. He started getting picky with his food about a month ago so we tried Eukanuba large breed puppy. He'd eat maybe 1-2 cups daily whereas he used to eat 3 cups daily. Now he's 8 months old and about 45lbs...he's been the same weight for about 5-6 weeks.

I took him in the vet today. He's not underweight according to vet. He's still very active and has high energy level. Vet said maybe he was done growing and suggested switching to Adult food.

I'm at a loss what to do! He's always been on the small side but I am baffled that even a male GSD mix would be done growing at 7/8 months and 45#. Any ideas????
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