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Grooming a WOLF is easier than Jolene!

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She does NOT like to be brushed with the brushes I have. And she tries to dance in circles so I can get to her rear end. I got a good bit off this morning, and let the balls of hair fly to the wind. BATH...oh nooooooooooo...she goes to town to Amber to be groomed and washed in her pet salon.

And YES, I have groomed a Wolf and he loved it after he found out what the undercoat rake did. He was scared of it at first.


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Brady hates it too. but i use his ball brush him then throw and continue. Or at night I'll give him a pigs ear and brush him
he is a pain. When the groomer comes to the house OMG I can't believe she still comes, my big bad GSD won't get in the vehicle. Once we get him in the 2 of us have to pick him up cause he won't get into the bath tub. (i weigh about 110 and the groomer weighs 90lbs soaking wet) then I hear him doing he baby bark the WHOLE time she is grooming him.
I bathed him when he was a pup too don't understand it for the life of me.
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