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Grimm has a GIRLFRIEND!

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I am so excited I can hardly type!! WOW!!
For anyone following Grimm's story: He has been grossly under-socialized with other dogs, and has been dog-reactive. I have actually been in danger at times trying to walk him in our new dog-crowded town of Schweinfurt, Germany-- as he has barked and lunged at times. My inner sense was always that this was mainly unfamiliarity with other dogs, but also a little bit 'hey... it would be fun to cause a ruckus, watch me!' Anyway, we were at the end of our ropes trying to find training help for Grimm. The trainer with the live-in program we were going to try, was TERRIFIED of GSDs, Dobes, any of "The pointy-eared breeds." This 'trainer' cowered and shrank back as Grimm, ears lowered down in polite puppy submission, forehead smooth, head lowered, mouth softly grinning, tail gently feathering, came forward to lick his hands.

So, Ulrich must have a lung removed this week due to early stage lung cancer-- and I must stay at the distant clinic with him. So.. we found a doggy hotel run by the animal protection society, for Grimm to stay at... and we could find a trainer when we get back from the lung hospital.

Last night at the doggy hotel, Grimm was a MONSTER getting out of the car as he heard and smelled other dogs in the runs of the adjacent animal shelter. He nearly dragged me.

When we got inside finally, a tall, charismatic blonde German woman set eyes upon Grimmi, and seized Grimm in an embrace. He flirted shamelessly.
Hammishly hogging the limelight, he worked his charms to get her to have him sit and down for cookies.
It was mutual LOVE.
We mentioned that he was trained for the basics, but that we never had a chance for him to meet any other dogs, so we need a trainer to help us with that ASAP when we get back.

We saw Grimm's scandalously luxurious, posh accomodations: a heated single room with a window, a deluxe human-type mattress sized for a dog, a soft, folded clean blanket, a window, and a doggy door to a private outdoor run of his own.
PLUS-- 3 hours per day in a huge grassy outdoors turn out area. PLUS-- walkies on lead by experienced girls he can flirt with shamelessly.

On bringing Grimm to his new hotel room, we had to pass a gauntlet of barking dogs in their rooms along the narrow passageway. Grimm walked calmly, didn't say a peep. He just then happily went into his nice new hotel room, and drank some fresh water, ran to explore his outdoor area.

We rang the doggyhotel today. The Grimm-friendly blonde woman sensibly, carefully, introduced Grimm (then later offlead) to an older, calm female dog!!!!!!!!! Grimm was unsure at first, but after a few moments-- THEY PLAYED!!!!! The woman stayed with the two dogs, and had staff nearby also. But, Grimm and the older female dog just had a great time playing and being silly!

Then... she leashed Grimm, and walked him through a double-line of leashed dogs who were told to hold the 'sit' command as Grimm walked through the center of the group. He did SUPER!!

Then.. she carefully, watchfully, with staff nearby-- put Grimm Grimm (onlead then offlead) with a friendly, goofy 8 month old puppy, and... Grimm played crazy-silly-goofy puppy games with him!!!!!

Every day for the next two weeks, this ANGEL of a woman will be working with Grimm around other dog-friendly dogs. Plus, in his posh accomodations, he will see, hear, and smell other dogs every day and evening.

We will find someone (possibly this wonderful woman) to work with ME with Grimm after we return from the lung clinic. This way, we can correct any ways that I myself may be controbuting to problems walking Grimm by other dogs.

Basicly, the 'Wow' factor is being removed for Grimm re the mystery of other dogs and being able to be calm around them!!!

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That sounds like an incredible set up! Good that he has such a good place to learn & grow. This will be a huge help for you since you have other things to worry about.

Can't wait to hear more about how he 'matures' ....
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Neato!! Sounds like he will be having a BLAST there!

Prayers on the lung surgery issue. How terrifying!
Thank you, Shandril and Jinx&Trager

I am so excited!
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He's enjoying the socialization/ play-dates!!!
Wow Patti that sounds AWESOME. You get to be with Ulrich and Grimm has his own haram of human and canines to play with! Sounds like Grimm is in a very nice doggy vacation spot while you take care of your new husband.
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Sounds like Grimmi will be living the life!! How fortunate for everyone!
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The clandestine, romantic meeting took place in a lovely grassy glade... the soft music of woofing nearby... the scent of Bratwurst on the breeze..

This is a GODSEND!! Totally unexpected help with Grimm's remedial resocialization!!!
I am hoping at the end of his stay to hear he had more successful, positive doggy dates and meet-ups!
I had NO idea anyone would take so much trouble to help Grimm over this.. these are animal protection society folks who run the shelter and doggy hotel. What a HUGE surprise that this kind woman would take an interest in Grimmi's issues and WORK with him!!

Even if she does no more work with him for his 2 week stay, I am hoping Grimm would make positive improvements just being around other dogs 24/7.. that has to take some of the 'Wow factor' out of it for Grimm, at least.

After Grimm's stay there, I may ask the woman to work with Grimm for a week, if she has time available, and just work on this resocialization issue specificly.

I am so happy for Grimm!!!
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Thanks, Jean-- this could be the start of something positive for Grimm!

So glad to hear Grimm is making friends. Your descriptions also sounded like he really just wanted to play with the other dogs and just wasn't sure what they were about. I would bet he gets to play with other dogs every day now. That's usually what they do at those places when dogs like other dogs.

Now you will have the opposite problem--he will be pulling you over to other dogs because he wants to play. Rafi will sometimes jump up, all 4 feet in the air, because he gets so excited when he sees another dog!

Sounds like Grimm is being well cared for AND having fun which must be such a relief for you!
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Patti, it sounds like you accidently found what might be the answer for Grimm...

It sounds like they let him play with some dogs and then when on leash he needs to learn it isn't play time and it sounds like this might accomplish that.

Thanks for the input, Ruth.. your experience and input means so much to me. Yes, I am thrilled! I am unsure if she will work anymore with Grimm re putting him again with other dogs.. as he is just a hotel guest, but what she has done so sensibly, makes me think i will ask when we return from the lung clinic in 2 weeks.. if she will please work with Grimm if we board him there again specificly for this re-socialization. Maybe just being around dogs , smelling and hearing them if not seeing them often, will help him accept and not be so anxious about the mystery of dogs.
Patti, I am so happy for you and Grimm! Just what the doctor ordered! It's like it was meant to be.

Lucky woman! Having such a handsome hunk as Grimm in her life, she'll be spoiled for any one else now!
What a tremendous find. I am so happy for you. Let me also add that good healing vibes for Ulrich too!
Thank you Castlemaid you always know just what to say in doggy training conundrums
I am really hopeful!

-- and THANK YOU Lynne! Ulrich read that over my shoulder.. he feels honored to be thought of!
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Patti, I want to add my congrats on this situation which sounds great for Grimm! I'm sure we'll all keep our fingers crossed that this "angel" of a woman will continue to help out with Grimm,,I mean how could she resist him????:))))

Good luck to Ulrich to !
Thanks, Diane!
You mean.. you think he's... HANDSOME??

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Is this place near your home? If so would she be willing to let Grimm have some "doggie" time every so often. Kinda like mini vacations where he can be a dog and play with other dogs? Seems like this would be a good experience for him so he learns "on leash" means work and ignore other furries
but off leash is all about Grimm time and time to party and play!
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