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It's day six of our first week with Eva (pronounced Ay-vah) - a six week (almost 7!) German Shepherd (mom - PB) Chow (dad - PB) mix.

What I don't know about raising a puppy, and a German/Chow to boot, could fill a book! Our previous dog was a Keeshond (PB) and we got him when he was 5 months old from a show person, rather than a "breeder" and he was just a love. We did training classes, but he was not a dominant dog, and he certainly - after the puppy stage - did not have the energy levels of a GSD.

Now for the good:

* I work from home and can devote any time needed to potty training, socialization, etc.

* We are big fans of crates as a dog's den.

* We are starting a puppy class when Eva is 10 weeks.

* We got Eva with the express purpose of having a dog who could go with us anywhere and be a major focus and part of our lives.

* We do have the very basics, i.e., we go through doors first, dog walks a little behind/side of us, she has to "work" for her food (with a sit command, even if she doesn't quite have that yet). She has pretty much learned "wait" and "okay".

* I feel most comfortable using the "reward the positive, ignore the negative" training route, using my voice, but never a "hand" to correct.

* The bonding is going amazingly well. We adored her from the first hour and she was "ours" by day two.

The bad:

* In reading these forums, I realize I actually know squat about GSD (the chow part is another matter, but I'll take all the info I can get!).

* I've also realized I know very little about what to do and not do with puppies this age.

* Probably 2,999,991 other things I don't even know I don't know yet!

I'm thrilled to have found this forum and hope that even with a GSD mix, I can ask questions and get the help it seems everyone here can provide!

Nice to meet y'all!


P.S. I think she's really gonna take after her momma, the PB GSD!


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GSD Fan - Thanks for my very first welcome here!

Chano - Hi! I'm astonished at the info here. Looking forward to reading more.

CaseysGSD - Hey there, fellow Palm Beacher! Would love to hear more about those classes in Tequesta as that's very close to me!

GSDBESTK9 - Sorry for confusion! I saw mom, she was full AKC shepherd, and I was told that dad was full Chow. Owners of GSD mom wanted to breed her once to a GSD male, but a neighborhood Chow messed up those plans! Pups (7) were extremely well cared for, with owner's vet's office taking 3 of them, another vet's office took 2, I got one and one other person like me got the last. Mine is the only one with this coloring, which made her special (!) and I think she'll have the most GS features. She's certainly already a full-blown landshark! She also wants her way already and she's gently learning that this isn't the house for that!

Thanks all, for such a warm welcome!
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