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Hello everyone!! Obi is 16 weeks old today and is doing really well. He's been doing puppy playgroups at the Zoom Room and I love them! It has really helped with his socialization (before he was very timid when off leash around other dogs; the leash was his security). He starts obedience and agility classes in less than 2 weeks so I'm really excited for all that he is learning and more chances to bond with him.

ANYWAYS, I've decided to make a rule in my household on how people greet Obi. Either you greet him in a calm manner or you don't get to play with him. I'm getting tired of people running through the house grabbing every toy they see and making him go from laying down calm to insanely hyper in an instant. I've noticed this is when he behaves the worst. Any other time he is literally perfect. Everyone get's upset when he goes wild trying to play and a sharp puppy tooth catches them. I always tell them, "It's your fault, I've said before don't come in here crazy." So now this rule is going to be in effect. I was wondering if anyone else has similar experiences and how you make people greet your puppy/ dog now?

I was thinking come in calmly and let him greet you nicely, if he acts crazy then he gets no attention until he is calm. Then when everything is going smoothly they can play with him. Any ideas to build on?


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