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Well, last weekend was a hunting weekend for me, and I took Hunter with me. About 10-10:30 I would come out of my blind, come get the pup, and we would tromp the woods for about an hour.. Man has he come along. He is such a good pup, never on a leash ( unless I was letting him out in the morning ) always about 15 feet from me. He just did great. Sadly though, he just didnt understand that Homeowrk time was home work time.

Up North we have the regular height kitchen table, I didnt realize how tall Hunter was until he placed his toy on my homework..:eek: When I finally chased him off, Hunter started pulling pillows off the ouch and doing that dog shake thing. I got up, gave him a big ol leg bone we bought. He dropped it, went back to the pillows, I stood up, he shot me that uh ho look, I walked over, gave him his kong. Nope, back tot he pillows, he would need to be kenneled up while I was doing homework,:(.

I told Sheryl, my wife, that I was going to attempt to have him sleep out of the kennel. The only thing Sheryl said was, "I dont want him sleeping in the bed." Saturday night I brought him in the room, I asked that he lay down, I went to bed, about 2:00, he was up on the bed, and his head was laying accross me..Yeah, he didnt get kicked out.

Come 5:00 when the alarm went off though, I got one of those giant paws accross my face, Hunter, I learned, doesnt like snooze, if the alarm goes off, it is time to play.

Sunday, one of my neighbors came over, Hunter and I were back a couple hundred yards, we came walking up, Hunter went real aggressive in tone, and in stance. I was concerned, but proud, I didnt have a leash on him. I gave the command "Heel", he was right on me, still on guard. We walked with in 10 feet, I sat Hunter, told him he was a good boy, introduced him to the neighbor, released him, and off he went, being his goofy self..

Okay, thats my story..Very good pup..:D
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