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Great day

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Well, except Lucy did throw up in my new Matrix first thing this morning
But that was minor....
We got to Schutzhund and took it very easy on the hot dogs but she acted fine and performed like a champ. Everything perfect. We did cut it short though.
Then I stopped at the Toyota store to get them to look at a noise under my car. Idiot girl here thought she still had her Tahoe and drove through a four foot high hay field
knocking some screws loose on my heat shield. Lucy walked all over the dealership with me, met everyone except a man in service who was terrified of her- I could not convince him she would not hurt him. I was hoping he'd agree to let us approach because I wanted to see how she'd react to a fearful person but we only got close enough for her to sit on the other side of the counter with her tail a waggin away. She was fabulous.
Then we went to the sound, and you can walk out very far and still be in water only up to your knees. She had a ball chasing the kids in the water.....another family came up and they had a boy who was eight. After a few minutes we let Lucy off leash again. She ran to the boy, and he brought his arms up a little fearfully and she stopped in her tracks- just like her mother did when she met my son the day we brought Lucy home
So the boy then understood she meant him no harm and for the next hour he was her new best friend. She never jumped, was so well behaved, and really represented her breed well. I was quite proud.
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Yay Lucy, you're such a GOOD GIRL!!! Sorry she threw up though, I hope she's feeling better now!?!?
Yes, but she drank some sound water and has diarrhea this morning. It's always something, isn't it? But we love them anyway.
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