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so it isn't because the grain is beneficial -- lol

the ginder ingredients , legumes and potatoes are filler and listed as
sources of protein -- do not have TAURINE

these grains and substitutions are not species appropriate - no harm in the
very occassional sharing of a table table left over , but not as a mainstay

almost 40 years of feeding my dogs, generations of them, a raw diet sans
grains and legumes or potatoes or other starches - and no heart disease ---

the other rampant health concern for our dogs and ourselves is cancer.

again -- the foundation is a clean , species appropriate diet -- a reminder in Billinghurst's
Shake Your Bone at Cancer . (not a how to book - very lecture / conversational type of
organization where one thought may take a bit of a route change to make a point)

when Orijen was just starting out , a friend had easy access to the owner/formulator ? not
quite sure of title --

at that time I was helping an owner of boxers which were both domestic bred and imported
German lines.
He had three heart breaks in a row. His beloved heart dog was in his kitchen getting excited for the
bowl of food to be placed on the floor . Jumping up in excitement . One jump and BAM massive
heart attack , dead by the time he hit the kitchen floor.

that breed is genetically linked to degenerative cardio myopathy

I wonder if that breed and mixes with boxer contribute to the data gathered for the news report?

that brand of kibble did add taurine to the formula and for a while there was a l* now with added
taurine * outside of the main body of ingredients.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.