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Got a puppy shower *pics*

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My wife went to her sisters last night for a bible study thing, and they surprised her with like a puppy shower, lol. She came home with all this sweet stuff for our pup we are getting.

Got all kinds of toys and treats, got a couple gift cards to petco and petsmart too.

And my mother in law made these cupcakes too, I'm sure you can figure out what it looks like

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That cupcake cake is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! Enjoy your pup! Looks like he'll be good and spoiled!
How cool! Looks like you guys are all set for the new pup! How exciting
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That is the cutest idea!! This pup is a lucky one. Enjoy.
How cute! Does the kitty come with the gifts, too??
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Aww, that is so sweet
What a kind family! I bet you are excited about your new puppy coming home?!?
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aww! i want one of those cupcake cakes!!
That is one of the coolest things I've heard about people doing!!!

Very nice!

That was so sweet of them to think of you guys! Looks like you got some great gifts for your new addition!
How nice is THAT????????????
So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks all. Yes I was surprised also last night, we are set on toys and treats for a while. Cant wait to get our pup.
Wow, that is so nice!! Love the cupcake~~
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How awesome is that!! when pup gets older you must get a chuck it. The best thing they invented so you don't have to touch the slimy ball
Gosh, what a wonderful surprise and how thoughtful!!! It all looks like stuff a new puppy needs. I cannot tell a lie, my favorite is the cupcake puppy, what a talented MIL you have!!!
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Awwwwwwww, that is so sweet. I'm sure your wife was surprised in a very good way!
Oh how neat! Looks like lots of goodies and I am just loving the cupcake doggie! cute!!!
I noticed a kitty in the bottom corner of the 1st pic, you'll have to get some treats for the feline or else he/she might be jealous.
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That is so sweet!!!

Love the cupcake cake!!!
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How nice of them all! Never thought of a puppy shower before.
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