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I hope this works -
My children and I walk up a hill near our home when we go for our walk, and it is always a treat when we get to the top. Our neighbor has three German shepherds that come to greet us after our 1.5-mile trek. The dogs are so gentle and welcoming. I just know they look forward to seeing us, too! Our neighbors are moving soon, and my children and I are sad that we won't have our canine friends to welcome us when we reach the top of the hill.
Amy Crawford
Reading, Kansas

And a picture of one of the dogs with a child in a stroller
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Hey Folks,

We value dogs of all kinds at GRIT magazine. You can access that blurb from our electronic newsletter more directly with this shorter link:

This one lacks all the tracking stuff included on the eNews version.

We also have a neat photo of a trio of white German Shepherds getting a ride in a Polaris Ranger UTV (driven by a Border Collie of course

You can see it here:

We would love to feature more German Shepherd stories in our newsletter. Feel free to send me an email ... with photos. [email protected]

Thanks for mentioning us.

Oscar H. Will III
Editor, GRIT Magazine
1503 SW 42nd St.
Topeka, KS 66609
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GRIT magazine...there's a blast from the past! My brother used to deliver GRIT mags door to door, gosh, maybe 40 years ago?

Thanks for the nice mention in your publication, Hank. And welcome to our board!
There's been some cool dog photos in Grit - GSD and others.
Hey Tracy --

We are the same GRIT ... published continuously since 1882, but we refocused on rural living a couple of years ago and changed the format from newspaper to full-color glossy. We no longer have carriers, but so many folks remember us for that.

I am happy to mention this place. It is an amazing site.

Thanks JanH for putting the link up here.

OK, bye for now, ship the September/October issue on Friday, so I better get back to "work."
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