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Going to pick up my rescue GSD sunday

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I sure hope the lady calls me back, but what is there i need to take to make sin's (my short name for cinnimon) 2-5 hrs ride to her new home? when i get her home, should i exerciser her some, with a walk, or straight to the crate?
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I would take her for a nice, long walk when you get home. Nothing too strenuous, but give her time to get used to the new sights, smells, and the idea that she is now part of your "pack." This will also help her release some of her nervous energy. Good luck! It is so great that you are fostering!
I always do an hour long walk before we even go in the house! If you have other dogs I would take them with on the walk, if possible. That's how I've always introduced Chama to new fosters and adoptees.
I agree with Ruth, if you have other dogs take them on the walk. Good luck.
thank you for all the advice yalls givin me.
wife politely, but forcefully made me see that we should wait till next weekend to get her.
ok, i pick her up on Saturday the 15th. gonna be a 3+ hr drive, but i think she's worth it. here is a pic taken last thursday.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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