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And people too, hubby tasted it before asking who was it for

I'd add more honey or drop the honey & put in sugar to make it more people palatable.
The dogs licked the bowls clean, so I guess it was a success

It didn't make alot, but there was enough for my 4 dogs.
Here's the recipe:

2 Tablespoons Goat's Milk
2 cups Strawberries (I used frozen)
1 banana
1 Tablespoon Honey
1 Cup Goat's Milk Yogurt

1. Blend GM, Strawberries, and banana in blender.
2. Add Honey to blender & blend.
3. Add GM Yogurt to blender & blend.
4. Put in Fridge for 1 hour.
5. Get your ice cream maker running & pour in blended ingredients.
6. Run ice cream maker until done, depending on make & model & year, it takes at least 15 minutes. Mine was done in 15 minutes, however once I got it out of the icecream maker it started thawing rapidly, so if you want you can move the frozen concoction from the maker to another container & freeze longer to make it harder.

Let me know if your puppers like it!
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