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I evaluated this girl for VGSR on Saturday, but promised the shelter folks that I would post her to the board(s) as well to see whether any rescue may have a foster home for her, in case there are no open fosters with VGSR. The shelter "tries very hard not to euthanize" but they are a county animal control facility and they are very full. Their volunteers are trying really hard to work with breed rescues and all-breed rescues to get dogs out of the shelter. They would be more than happy to let rescues pull and transport.

This girl is named Ruth after the road she was found on (Ruth Lane). Someone said that they knew who owns her, but when the owner was asked whether she was his dog, they said she was not. She is a young girl, about a year old or younger, and is solid black.

She has a lot of toy drive - the kind of dog who will give you focus as long as you're holding a Cuz. Anything that squeaks or that can be thrown is alright in her book. She loves water. She knows to sit and stay on command and will also come, but would not give me a down. (The head goes down, but the bum comes up.) I think she would be easy to work with, and best suited for a home that will DO something with her - obedience, agility, etc. She pulls on lead - mostly because she was super excited to be out of the kennel, I think - and will happily greet anyone who comes her way.

She'll jump up on people and is generally a very happy, exuberant, large puppy, so I might not recommend her around young kids. She's fine being touched all over, except for her face. She didn't want her teeth / muzzle examined. She didn't act aggressive, just didn't like it and tried to pull away. Otherwise she enjoys touch and wags her tail (and her whole behind!) happily when you praise her and talk to her.

If I didn't already have a GSD (and didn't have to move every so often), I would take her in a heartbeat!

Giving me a sit-stay - and a lovely head tilt for the squeaking cuz.

Watching my DH intently. (Yeah, he's holding a Cuz...) It's the best side picture I could get - standing still is not her forte!

Gloucester County Animal Control Shelter
6584 Beehive Drive
Gloucester, Virginia

If an officer is not present at the shelter contact the dispatcher at 804-693-5290

I have another contact for a shelter volunteer who coordinates pulls / meets at the shelter. It's her personal cell phone, but if anyone would like to contact her about a dog, please PM me. I have her permission to pass it on.
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