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Greetings, GSD fans,

I just now signed up as a member of this forum.

I will upload a pic of my beloved GSD, Roxy, whom I got from the local animal shelter at 8.5 yrs, who is now approaching her 13th b-day on April 1st.

She's an amazing dog in so many ways! I've only had GSDs my whole life. I totally dig them ... well, their hair drives me crazy, though.

Sorry for not going through the forum, as I'm dealing with an URGENT situation with Roxy right now.

She ate some frozen, ground chicken two days ago that a friend of mine gave to me and the frozen chicken had some glass shards, some of them being a bit over an inch long! [REMOVED]

There was one long (a bit over an inch long) glass shard at the bottom of her bowl, along with a few small shards, and that's what alerted me to this. I was, like -

Sorry for my cussing, but I'm really stressed about this. My friend had forgotten about the glass shards, so she's beside herself, worrying about this, too.

I gathered up her stools from yesterday and found two of those horrible-looking long shards (both a bit over an inch long, like, 1.25 inches, .25 inch wide, with square bottoms and pointed tops ... horrible-looking!) in her stools, along with a few small shards.

I found only one stool from this morning ... no shards, but it's unusual for her to pass just one starting stool, then not pass any more after that in her morning's stool; however, I did find three more small stools from this morning -- no glass shards.

She's a multi-tasking girl, walking and[REMOVED] at the same time, funny thing, that. Her stools would be a foot apart to 10, 15 feet apart, walking and dumping at the same time. Drives me nuts, but she just wants to GO and see things so much that she can't just STOP and dump ... no, she has to walk and dump at the same time. So, finding all her stools can be a challenge.

I've googled about, looking up what to do with [REMOVED] glass shards, so what I plan to do right now is to go to a pet store and get some laxatives for her. And I plan to get raw butter to add it to a mixture of raw butter, shaved coconut oil and finely-chopped baked chicken that she LOVES. Hopefully she'll eat this food after, hopefully, taking some laxatives.

She's a picky eater, so she does not eat everything in sight. With that meal with the glass shards, it was SO delicious that she started her eating of it right away, so it was clearly tasty to her. She usually sniffs about, nibbling about, then gets into eating the food if it's at least ok, leaving some of it in the bowl to eat later.

I normally feed her top-shelf, grain-free dry food; mixed with top-shelf, wet canned food; along with raw, ground organic meat. 70% dry food, 30% the rest. She's in great health -- shiny coat, white teeth and good energy. I get the food free from the local people who help homeless people with pets -- this is a huge help for me, as such quality food is very expensive. But I do buy the organic ground meat at a discount store, Grocery Outlet ... thank God for that store!

She's acting lethargic this morning, walking around with head drooped and didn't bother to get up when I shook the keys to my truck, and she always had gotten excited anytime that she'd hear the keys jingle. Her head perked up with interest, but she didn't bother to get up. She's never not gotten up, excited, when I'd jingle those keys.

She refused the golf-ball-sized raw meat this morning with her med (hormone-boosting med that she got started on a month ago to deal with incontinence, a condition that has stopped, fortunately)... and she's never refused any raw meat offering, ever.

It's the start of the weekend and I'm a good two hours from the nearest pet emergency center (I live in a rural area in the Sierras in California, not far from Lake Tahoe), and those [REMOVED] centers charge an arm and a leg ($1,500) for a one-night stay. I'm on SSI, so it's not like that I'm some [REMOVED] who can afford to throw money around.

I'm off to the pet food store right now to get those laxatives.


~Seth, aka, MusicalMozart
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