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A few things to remember:
The Sheriff is also a politician. Have the best PR person in your team meet with him to discuss what your team can do for him. A training session with his guys, your guys, and the press (on the Sheriff's terms) can show that he is giving better service to the area with less expenses. He gets free positive publicity and you get the public asking his guys to call you. You need to sell it as a positive political move as well as good training in case he needs you (don't assume that he will think that he already needs you).

The Sheriff needs to know you will work with him. The training session is part of this and you should see if your team could be worked into his SOPs. Go for a callout to be staged in a standby area at first. If all they need to do to get more help is say "Hey you-" they might use you more. You might not get the trust of the officers at first but as they get to know your team they will open up more.

If you are called out on a search now remember that you are coming out fresh but his guys are tired. If you have support plans, like a refresh area (coffee, chairs, etc) get them set up early so his guys will see your team as being prepared for a full search in ways that most LE agencies don't think about until well after it is needed. Make them see that you have thought things out more than they have.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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