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I think the evidence/crime scene issue might be a pretty big factor since you say you're mostly being called out for drownings (very little evidence on the surface of water). Obviously there is also a huge need for your work in those circumstances.

Also consider if local PD's/Sherrifs have access to air scent dogs (maybe cadaver dogs is the only area they are lacking? Has anyone actually asked them?).

I also think, based on my interactions with PD's regarding crime scenes, is that they are very sensitive about have "outsiders" of any kind trampling over evidence or possibly creating chain of custody issues. You might want to also ask if you could sit in on an evidence collection/processing class they have for ET's or try to find a course you could take run by a university with a MS in forensics program or by one of the larger forensic organizations (such as your local chapter of International Assn. for ID, International Crime Scene Ivestigators Assn, etc). Obviously, a lot of the training will deal with COLLECTION of evidence which you definitely won't be doing, but it also will deal a lot with being aware of your surroundings a have a keen eye out for anything that might be pertinent evidence.

Do any of the SAR training seminars specifically deal with the preservation of evidence during call outs?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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