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My husband and I are adopting this adorable white GSD and picking him up by Friday. He is a little over 8 weeks old.

It's our first time owning a GSD , my husband had a small dog when he was young and well I am a cat person and have a Ragdoll cat, he is a year and 4 months old, but he is a big kitty.

I have a lot of questions regarding training the puppy.
We want to crate train him and I have few questions regarding that and especially house break the puppy.

We live in an apartment, first floor..however, the door that we will be taking the puppy out from is the front door which the puppy wont have access too until he is a bit house trained or close to it.

We will have his crate in our bedroom and thinking to get a play pen to have in the kitchen since we have good amount of space. However, I am not sure how would that work , if that would confuse the puppy putting him in two different places.

I also want to know how to handle the puppy on the first night at home, if he cries at night , should we ignore him or should we for the first night or two baby him as its a new place for him and such?

Also about feeding schedule, when should we cut meal time? and how many times we should feed him? Also, how many cups of food and water is the right amount for him to eat and also to make house breaking process a bit easier for us.

We also know of the bell with string on the door to teach the puppy about going out, however, if he wont be near by the front door because its carpet area and such, how I can make that work or is there another way to teach him?

Thanks! :help:

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I'm sure you'll get lots of great advice ,,here's a some from moi:)

definitely crate train, if he screams at nite, (which is normal the first few nites) ignore him,,the crate in your room is a good idea..

Feeding him his meals IN his crate gets him used to the crate being a "good" place.

Feeding by hand, works on bonding as well.

The gating off the kitchen is fine, but I would crate him if you are gone/can't supervise him..they can get into all kinds of mischief.

Feeding schedule, At this age I'd feed 3 x a day, about 1/2 cup , I soak any kibble I feed for about 20 minutes before I feed.

Potty training,,outside as soon as they wake up,,after they eat,, soon as they come out of the crate...Expect accidents:)

This age, I'd probably take him out atleast every hour/half just 'because' , when he potties outside, GOOD DOG,,praise/treat...

I've never used the 'bell' but I'm sure others have..

Don't use puppy pads, worse invention ever,,they learn it's ok to go in the house..

You might be up a couple times in the night for a potty break, because he is so young.

That's all I can think of right now..others will chime in I'm sure

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Diane gave you some great ideas. I also recommend that when you pick up your pup, bring a blanket (baby blanket or towel) and rub the blanket all over the mom and litter mates if possible to get their scent. I did this when I picked up my pup and I do believe it helped the first few nights in the crate.
I also brought a bag with me and grabbed some shavings of where the litter pottied, when I got home I placed the shavings in the area where I wanted my pup to go potty.
Good luck getting your pup, GSD's are really smart, your pup will figure it out in no time :)
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