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Get him.

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Hi all. Ever since we were robbed Shadow nearly (1yr) has become extra vigilant in investigating new noises around our house.
She has also shown us a new trick/command that no one here taught her, but now my older son encourages. Shadow seams very happy showing off her new trick. My older son say's "get him" and raises his arm, Shadow will jump up and bite his arm, she will hang on until she is given the release command. My son was showing his friend all Shadows tricks (friend was suitably impressed) Son says to Shadow "get him" but was inadvertently pointing at friend, Shadow started to leap towards friend, son says"leave it" Shadow stops in her tracks.

I must add, Shadow is well known around here for being tolerant, friendly etc. She has never shown any form of aggression. Is this new trick something we should be worried that she will show off without the "get him" command in a situation where she has no need to be protective? I also need to add nothing else about her personality has changed, she is still placid, just more alert. She doesn't seam nervous when alert, hyped, perhaps.

I'm waffling now, oops thanks. :)
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Without proper training, I don't think you should teach your pet to put their mouth on someone.. As you saw, she was willing to do it to a guest... Well, what if she gets excited and just ignores the 'leave it'? Even a welt on someone can be turned into a "GSD Attack" - even if it's purely playing... A friend of mine with an American Bulldog mutt taught their dog this, he was very enthusiastic about it. He was standing out in the road with a few other of his friends just talking. Apparently one of the guys knew the dog bit (playing, but very strong play) on command and said 'here, watch this..'
The dog left some holes in another one of the men that he didn't know. This was all taught as a joke pretty much but I just don't like teaching a household, family pet, to put their mouth on a person, and to hold on especially..
Smart Girl Shadow! Maybe she can take some protection classes. I don't think I would encourage the command unless she was trained by a professional.
My son would like to book her in for classes, but what one's and what specifically to look for/look out for?
What would you want to do? Sounds like she would like Schutzhund.. If she has good drive that could be fun.

Or do you guys want actual personal protection?
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