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German Shepherd Club of Wisconsin

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Hi Everyone,

I just joined the German Shepherd Club of Wisconsin located just a little southwest of Milwaukee. Is anyone else on here a member? Or at least heard any good things?

If you are a member I am sure that we will see you around.

Ryan, Joanna, and our German Shepherd Denali
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I am ! Welcome to the board and the club.
Well hello! I am very surprized more people haven't joined! I would love to raise awareness for this club as I think it is very important to be involved.
I'm a member too. Rarely on this board anymore (just occasionally), but I'm generally at the club Tuesday P.M and Sundays for training. Love to see you there sometime. My name is Sandy and I'm usually with my female, named Jayda.

Enjoy the club. I've heard alot of great comments about our club, nice grounds and clubhouse.

And it IS very important to be involved. And this is a great time to be involved. Summer picnic in August, Agility Trial in August, and our Fall show in September.

Hope to see you at the club! And you too Maureen!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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