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Almost a year ago me and my wife picked up a German/Australian 2 month old puppy from our humane society. They guessed the mix combination and at first it seemed to be right, 5 of the 6 in the litter had coloring of GSD and one of Australian. I picked a GSD coloring and figured within a year it would be the size of one or the other, but shes not, almost a year and she is a max of 35lbs. One very distinctive feature on her is her tail, the bottom hairs are as long at 6 inches and are in need of trimming (looks like an upside down mohawk only on her tail. Are there any GSD genes that have tails like that? I am considering forking out the $80 to have her gene tested just to fulfill my curiosity, is the DNA test worth while?

I just joined today and dont have access to a picture but tomorrow I will try to take a good one and post it, also weigh and tape her.

Another question. Does anyone have address or e-mail for GSD breeders around Central Nebraska?

Thank you for any replies!!!
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