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Geocaching with the dogs

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My husband and I were introduced to Geocaching this weekend. What fun! We took our dogs too! This is a great new hobby we want to get in to. Makes exercising fun and you get to explore places you might not ever go to. Pretty neat!

Also, a lot of people incorporate their dogs into this hobby so they get to go on hikes and adventures. Some locations have toys for the dogs so there's a surprise for both LOL!

Anyone tried it?
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I love geocaching! I haven't done much lately though, my GPS stopped working. I finally got a new one but it's way more complicated than my last one so I don't use it much.
I made my last dog a Travelbug, and Bianca has a Geocoin she wears when caching so I can log the caches she finds with me (and any other geocachers we meet.) There's also at least one geocoin I know of with a GSD on it but I think it's rare.

This is the Geocoin Bianca has:

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That is too cool!!!
I LOVE geocaching. We haven't been in a couple of years, but we took Bison with us. He thought it was boring. He just wanted to go back to the car and play ball. :) We did one cache that was just for dogs. It was cool.
I just signed up at Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site. Our friend that took use this weekend used his GPS and info.

Very neat!!
Found a ton of cache's in my area, and all the ones I saw near/in the National Park DO allow dogs.

Geocaching > Hide and Seek a Geocache > Search for Geocaches

Though do be careful with hunting season coming up, make sure you and your dog wear blaze orange!
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