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Gemma 15 months

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Gemma has 9 points now so almost finished in Canada, adn she is starting to come into her own. I am very proud of her, any comments would be appreciated. She si not huge but small handler and judge, she is 23.5 inches tall and 60 pounds
I think she looks beautiful! Nice feet, beautiful color, nice compact body, strong topline, beautiful head and length of neck. Is she out of coat, or is she just a dry dog?
very much out of coat,sure hope it comes in soon or she will freeze, thanks for the comments. And just like Ty a very stable temperment and lots of natural herding instinct. We got lots of compliments about her movement and she is what I personally like, even if her last show judge thought she was too functional looking and not pretty enough.
She is one pretty girl! Great color and pattern on her.
She is one pretty girl! Great color and pattern on her.
Pretty dog, she could be my dog's sister.
Such a pleasure to watch them move.
Beautiful!! Look at those muscles in her real legs!
Beautiful!! Look at those muscles in her real legs!
I bet those are real muscles too.
I think that she has very nice structure. IT is so nice to see a dog stacked on ALL FOUR PADS or feet. This female looks like she could work all day and that is beautiful to me. As for the Judge that said she is too functional and not pretty enough.....well if you show under people with that knowledge base you have to expect those type of comments.
I am not in love with her ears, but as the immortal Ernie Loeb said after giving "Anton's Jesse" Grand Victrix.....she doesn't run on her ears does she?????
Nice dog!!
Thank you all, and especially Cliff, there are no perfect dogs and ears I can live with. She has great temperment, those are real muscles, she is smart, stable and learning obedience then we will try tracking and herding. She can go all day, and I believe she could do anything I could train, she has few limitations
I think she's beautiful! Congrats to her!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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