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he's been given a routine from the sounds of things and up until recently, its been consistent. He KNOWS something is going on but he doesnt know what so he's trying to get the attention he feels he's due. He doesnt understand whats going except his world is suddenly different and nobody seems to be trying to help him understand. Think of him as a 2-3 year old child. They get scared or tired, they'll act up. You cant explain to them in terms they'll understand that though things are changing, they're still loved and nothing bad is going to happen as a result of the changes. He's trying to get you to notice he's uncomfortable. When he's a good boy, give him extra loves. Dont make a big deal out of packing and moving. Set aside time to walk and play with him so he knows he's still a part of the family. Keep in mind he's been moved at least once before. Its unnerving for them sometimes. He could very well just be stressed out and he's acting out. Its not unheard of. I know the minute we start packing to move, one or all of our dogs start misbehaving. When they realize they're going with, they generally chill out and behave like they should.
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