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okay we changed the dog food from orijen to innova....the pup for some reason has left us a number of lethal air bombs...wondering if this is something common with this food which I believe is premium quality....
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Did you switch proteins? Did you switch over gradually? Why did you switch?
Was he doing good on the Orijen or was he having problems?
Difficult to find stores that have Orijen so we went with Innova after doing a bit of research....Maybe what we'll need to do is order the product online .....It's interesting - we switched our Aussie to Innova and he has not had a maybe it's all part of "adjusting" to new food...
Mine had terrible gas on Innova. Never got any better. On Orijen she has not had any problems with gas or stools. Found stools really loose and frequent on Innova too.
I’ve got 5 dogs on Innova and none have gas (or loose stools). Check and make sure that your not overfeeding your dog before you switch again. That could be the cause of your problems.

Natura’s feeding calculator-
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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