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Gas chamber mishap sparks review-Statesville, NC

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This occurred on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at the Iredell County Animal Shelter in Statesville, NC.
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Like they wrote, in order to really understand what happened they need to 'get into it' and check 'under the hood'. I think this would be appropriate for those still wanting to use such inhumane methods of euthanzia. Let them get in that chamber from **** and see if its working right or not. No, I really don't think humans should do this-BUT i don't think animals should have to do it either. Hopefully this will result in change!!!
I would hate that anyone would get hurt to cause change...but I certainly hope they change their practices....maybe we can use this to get them to change their practices in Gaston Co too....
Sounds bad, but I would much rather see a person get hurt then a dog. Dogs are innocent creatures, they just want to live =(
For those <u>members of this message board who live in North Carolina</u> who would like to contact their state legislators concerning this situation, I found the following link (on the Petfinder message board) that gives lots of contact information.

Here's the link:

Please keep in mind that legislators usually want to hear the opinions of <u>their constituents</u>--that's why I emphasized the "members of this message board <u>who live in North Carolina</u>" above.

(In short, <u>if you don't live in North Carolina</u>, it's probably best <u>NOT</u> to contact the North Carolina officials. I'm sure that we all have issues that can use our attention locally.)
I just read that the chamber is a 20 minute cycle... does it take this long in there for the animals to die???!! I knew it was already extremely horrific, but that length of time makes it even worse
It can take even longer. And if they pack enough animals in there, the ones at the bottom can't breath well enough to be killed and are still somewhat alive when they open it. It is HORRIBLE.

I'm from NC and this is the letter I just wrote as a header to the news story and sent all my friends and family back home:

As you might imagine from the headline, the animal rescue community is reeling from the news of this explosion at an NC shelter but I wanted to send this email to my family, friends, and other contacts as well. I don't normally send out this kind of stuff and I hate to be the one to tell you about anything this awful, but this has to stop. I think lawmakers probably expect to hear from animal loving crazies like me when something like this happens and probably largely ignore us (although I'll be saying my piece also!) but if other people, pet owners and non pet owners, just reasonable and humane NC citizens add their voices then perhaps we might actually see a permanent change.

NC has been infamous for its widespread use of gas chambers to euthanize dogs and cats for years but I am hoping that this recent travesty brings the practice into the light and that those of us from NC and who live in NC will stand up and say enough is enough. Saving money is simply not an acceptable excuse for this continued practice with its inherent cruelty not to mention the danger it poses to human operators.

Gas chamber - and I almost hate to use the word here, since it's hardly a "good death" - euthanasia is an abominably cruel method of dispatching unwanted animals. Dogs and cats are packed into small bunkers and then die slowly in chaos crammed together in the dark. It is not at all uncommon for animals at the bottom to survive because they are effectively smothered by the other animals and then they have to be gassed again. I can't even imagine how terrifying it must be for them. Frankly, I think shooting them would be more humane. And yet bills that would ban gas chambers repeatedly get voted down because gas chambers are supposed to be more cost effective than euthanasia by lethal injection.

The fact that we as a society kill hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy animals every year is horrible enough. Can we not at least offer each one of them a peaceful release from a world that didn't want them? When I worked at the shelter, I had to help hold dogs and cats, puppies and kittens that were not adopted while they were humanely euthanized by injection. It was, as you might imagine, incredibly sad but I told myself that at least the last voice they heard would be a kind one, at least their last moments would be calm. Gas chamber euthanasia is none of these things.

If you are not convinced, this is a link to unsensationalized straight up videography of the process occurring in Yadkin County NC.

The only reason I can imagine that shelters are still using gas chambers is because the general public is unaware of them - probably assuming that there's no way state and local governments would let something this awful get by.

Please contact the people listed at the bottom of the email below and let them know that North Carolinians are not okay with this any more. And please send this on to any contacts you have who may be willing to join the push to ban gas chambers from NC shelters forever. I know it's unpleasant to think about but unless we stand up and say something, this practice will continue and this is nothing our state should ever be known for.

Thank you!
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Hannah. Perfect way to handle.I can always count on you for this. Darcy

North Carolina members please heed Madonna and Hannah's excellent suggestions.

The use of gas chambers as a form of animal euthanization is wihout question cruel and inhumane.
Wow Hannah..... I certainly had a different "picture" of the gas chamber. How unbelievably horrible.
I'm in NC and there are so many shelters here that use gas. I still remember, although it didn't happen in this state, that one dog surviving the chamber and its life was spared because they couldn't believe it survived the gas. A guy who has a rescue if I am not mistaken now has the dog.
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