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Gaiges 2nd Birthday!

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Gaige turned two on May 23!! As some of you might remember, Gaige was adopted by us off of the Urgent board last year,(he is in the where are they now forum under Yako)
He made his way from Alabama to NY to be with us on June 7 of last year... so, his Gotcha Day is coming right up as well. I wanted to share a couple pics of his bday!

Happy Birthday to Gaige....

My siblings trying to eat my cake!

Is my tongue blue?

Blah... I've had enough!

Mom says I'm so handsome

Drake says mmmm....
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Happy Birthday Gaige, what a beautiful boy you are. Wow a whole birthday cake!!!
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handsome Gaige!! looks like fun
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how lucky you are to have a house full of those handsome creatures. i would love that. i'm trying to get to one now. lol
happy birthday Gaige!!!
Thank you! they are ALOT of work, but I am fortunate to be able to be home with them all day as I work from home. I couldnt imagine life any other way than with my pack!
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wow!!! What a wonderful cake!!! And such beautiful puppers!!! Happy Birthday to Gaige!!!
Happy Birthday Gaige!! Looks like everyone got to enjoy your day. Great looking pack you got there!
Happy 2nd Birthday, from the looks of your tongue the cake was yummy.
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