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GA to WI

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White Paws needs help with transport from GA to WI can anyone help?
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Do you have a run sheet put together yet? If not, I can probably help with that. I just need to know the city in WI that the transport will end in.
Thank you for your offer they need to get to Green Bay WI from Grovetown GA
kathyb, how amny and when are you planning transport? My DH works in Milwaukee and our home is about 45 mins. south of Green Bay.

Also I forgot, I will be down in Milwaukee on the 10th of Aug. I could when I get home and take care of my crew meet someone 1/2 between my house and Green Bay, or I could over night and take to Green Bay on Monday..

Just talked to Petersons transport, they can get them to Cookville (SP) Tenn for me then would need transport from there. These dogs will have to be pulled and vetted before they can go on transport.
Jazz's mom you are over your PM limit.
Sorry, I knew I was creaping up there. I don't have time right now to clean it out. Can you just email me? I got your other email that you sent.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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