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Fursaver Question

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Looking at, there are two types of Fursaver -
The 3mm "normal" fursaver and the 3mm (2 cm links) fursaver. Which is best? I'm thinking the smaller links would be better to allow easier slip.

Also, having never used the fursaver, do you fit it the same as other choke collars? 2-3 inches of slack when it is pulled firm (gently), right?

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Regardless of link size, fur savers really don't slip well. While designed like a choke collar, they don't work effectively as one. They are typically used on the dead ring, so they don't tighten, in which case link size comes down to personal preference.
Do people then use them for looks? What are they saving vs a regular collar? Right now my boy has a rolled leather. My husband likes the look of the flat leather but I said it was to save the fur? Was I right? I amaze myself sometimes on the workings of my brain or lack there of.

PS My goal is to some day have one of your dogs Chris. (don't worry the serios staulking is several years off)
A leash correction with a fursaver has a bit more bite to it than a correction with a flat collar, but less than a pinch collar. And they are stronger and harder for a dog to slip out of than a flat collar.

But most people don't generally use them for everyday. And since it is a choke collar, albeit a bit ineffective one, it can still tighten so I'd never, ever leave one on a dog unsupervised.

Chain collars are required for SchH trials, and I think that's probably a big part of their popularity amongst GSD folks. Fursavers being the preferred chain collar, since they are easier on the hair and cause less damage. And since any chain collar must be dead ringed in trial, the fact that fursavers don't work well as chokers doesn't matter.

The "fur saver" aspect is in comparison to a regular chain choker collar, or nylon choker collar. When it tightens, a fursaver will cause less damage to the hair than those will. That's where they get their name anyway, though like I said most people never use them as choke collars.
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