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Furminator ruins coat?

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I remember reading somewhere (here?) that some people think the Furminator tool damages the coat. Yet so many people swear by it and say it doesn't. What's your experience?
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I like the furminator but I am wondering if it did damage his coat. His coat is gorgeous except for the part where his hind legs meet the body. On both sides the coat is shorter and looks cut. I don't know if the furminator did this or if it's just the way his fur is growing. I haven't used the furminator on that part of him in a month. I am waiting to see if it changes or stays the same.
I know exactly what you're talking about, Jax is Wolfie's stunt double.
Jax's coat was like that before I bought the furminator :)
I once thought he had a bald spot or a growth from across the room.
I haven't noticed any changes in coat from using the furminator but will admit I stopped using it a few weeks ago because of what people said. The brush always just seemed to pull out the dead white undercoat, it never got any of the black topcoat.
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