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Only thing I will use on a wet dog is a grooming rake.

Originally Posted By: Qyn
Originally Posted By: GSDTrain
Originally Posted By: mkennelsI have a friend that is a groomer plus she shows dogs as well and said it will cut the coat and it is not good for certain dogs it is pretty much a stripper that you would use for wire dogs
Interesting....... I have never heard that before, I learned something new today!
The furminator does not have a cutting blade (it is the equivalent of a #40 blade but it uses only the comb not the cutting edge) and it is not a stripping tool so it cannot cut coat - with an over packed coat it may pull on some not quite ready loose coat but I have not seen that happen. Some groomers mistake the furminator with another tool which does cut coat to remove matts such as a Matking or Matblade.
Absolutely true. It doesn't cut hair. What are called clipper "blades" are really combs of various sizes. The actual cutting blade is separate entirely. The furminator is just a very fine toothed comb.
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