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Fun Dog Show - Humane Society Fundraiser!

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** mods, please move if too many photos** thx, melissa

Sunday, I loaded up the Envoy and took Camo, Shyla (GSD's) and Crysta, Tatum and Chase (kids) to the 2nd annuel Iredell county Humane society dogshow/ dog walk.

It was a beautiful day for it and we had a blast! Camo and I walked 3.5 miles and met some new friends. Aside from a few idiots who wouldnt control where there dogs nose was ( up Shylas butt) it was a great time. She only got nasty one time, and that was called for. A Grate Dane thought he would get to friendly, in an inappropriate way

Camo was entered in the "Best Breed" competition and Shyla was entered in the "Best Trick" Competition.

Shyla and Crysta went first, Crysta wanted Shy to sit, down and roll-over. After about 10 failed attempts, she finally got it and the crowed clapped and laughed their butts off.

Camo took the prize of best in show..... I am very glad, he really is an acutal "show dog" ya know

But it was all in fun and for a wonderful cause!

I have pics of the girls doing best trick and will have a couple of Camo after while.

Here ya go.....

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oh what fun!!! great pics too!!
Thanks! It was alot of fun!

Here is a cool photo of Camo with the NJROTC cadets..
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Looks like lots of fun!!!
Camo is a beauty!!!!
Thank you so much!

They also did a protection demonstration with a Chech line dog. That was cool!
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