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Dave & Lorisa can't take Leo because of allergies thusly they are trying to help rehome Leo
because of Chad's college situation, find a good where he will have
more room and not be left alone...I told Dave I would help Leo look f
...look how beautiful he is!!

From: [email protected]
Date: June 27, 2008 7:41:10 AM EDT
To: [email protected]


Can you share this with your list? I will owe you big time!!
We are now in somewhat of an emergency situation with Leo and are looking for a permanent home for him. Although our son, Chad moved to a larger house in the Ft Sanders area, the living arrangements are not working out. Chad has taken a job in addition to his premed classes and is gone long hours during the day. The other day Leo broke off his zip line and Chad received a warning from the KPD. We are worried for Leo. We don't want to see him wind up at the pound or a shelter!! But we want Chad to do well in school...we are at our wit's end.

Here is the information about Leo:
German Shepard about 1 year old; Extremely affectionate and loving. Can do a few tricks but is not trained. He is housebroken and loves a crate. He weighs over 75+ lbs and is black and white. Leo is a really pretty dog. He has had great vet care, he has had all his shots, heartworm prevention and has been neutered. Being a German Shepard, Leo is very loyal and protective. Pictures are attached.

Thanks for anything you can do...
Dave, Lorisa and Chad

Interested people should call Chad @ [Removed by Admin, contact OP for information Via PM or email please]

Please email for pictures of this Black beauty, (as I can't get to work ) and not sure of area code trying to find out.
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