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Frustrated with stacking

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I cannot get Emma to stack for me so I can get her critiqued...I've seen the thing of how and where to place each paw, but she won't do it....I've tried everything, she just won't hold, but when she naturally stacks, she looks great, but I've never got a camera ready for it. I need some hints on how to get it done quick, and without too much Thanks!
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I start mine but them knowing "stay" meaning I put you there you dont move until I say so. I start with just setting the front feet and reward them for staying. I then slowly start playing with the back feet. It can be done with one person but two or three are ideal.
Originally Posted By: Jenniferky...........get it done quick, and without too much Thanks!
Good luck with that!

I do the same thing as was already mentioned. Teach them to stand(and stay) first, THEN worry about positioning their legs where you want them.
Thanks everyone...She does know the command to stay, it's just getting her to NOT sit down while she

I think she's about frustrated with me chasing her around with the camera...But until I get that certain snap shot, I'm not stopping...Maybe I can get DF to help when he comes in from work, and maybe work on it tomorrow when he is taking the day off!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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