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I think you heard unanimously that you need to go to a vet immediately. I don't want to alarm you..but earlier this year we got a 12 week old purebred GSD from a breeder. at about 15 weeks, we started noticing the same thing that he would walk and then all of a sudden while taking a sharp turn his front legs would sometimes split. He also started bunny hopping up the stairs. Vet xrayed and told us to head to a specialist as well. It was not good news. Severe hip subluxation (at 15 weeks) and in one hind leg the join was not properly formed. We were devastated. Since the prognosis was not good at all, we ended up returning the puppy to the breeder with a broken heart. Once again..I don;t want to alarm you ..but did want you to understand the gravity and seriousness of the situation.
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