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Front Left Leg Limp

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I got home from work today and noticed Tessa's (8 mo old Female) was limping on her front left leg. I guess my question is, "What should I do? Wait to see if it gets better, or a vet visit?" She runs around all day in and out of the house, so maybe it's a sprang. I squeezed her leg up and down and she made no gestures related to pain. Any ideas? She is also trying to do everything as if there is nothing wrong, but all the while limping.

Thanks for any feedback.
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Pano is my first thought. What do you feed her, just out of curiosity? Did you check her pads, in between and her nails?
When I got her from the breeder, she was 4 months old and eating Authority. What should I be looking for on her pads and in between her nails?

Take her leg and run your fingers thru between her toes first to see if you get a reaction from her then touch all toe nails to see if she reacts to that. Do you have any gravel that she could have run across, see sometimes gravel will bruse their pads on their feet.
Funny, that is how Shane presented his leg...the same leg too. It turned out he had lyme disease. I would get it checked out, if you find there is nothing else that may be caused.
I ran my fingers between her toes and got no reaction. I'm at work, so I'll have my wife check out her toe nails this morning. Our yard consists of wood chips (the ones you find in public parks), dirt, sand, and cement. No gravel. She is very active. Running around all day chasing our Daschund. I rubbed and squeezed her leg up and down last night and couldn't get a reaction from her. It seems like there is no pain. I hope it is just a bruise.
Usually if a dog's limping there's pain somewhere in the shoulder, leg, ankle, foot. Some dogs are stoic, don't respond, and perhaps she's one of those who don't react when being examined for a painful spot. Unless there's an obvious problem, I always put my limping dogs under strict house arrest for a few days (leash walk to potty only, quiet in the house), and if there's no improvement I take them to the vet.

Hope she's doing better soon!!!
Thanks Arycrest, Tessa will be placed on house arrest. I kind of figured to go the house arrest route, but sometimes it is good to hear it from someone else. My wife keeps telling me to relax, but I get so worried about her. You know what I mean?

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