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I've been waiting for this to happen. I knew it would eventually. In Florida we lived on a quiet residential street on the back edge of town so there was very little in the way of traffic. And when we were living up by the park here the road was a dead end culminating at the park so again very little traffic. Here we still are far from a busy road but we do live on a dirt road that was the old stage road before they built the asphalt road further out. Occasionally we'll see speeding pickups and cars go by. Until now though no big pack of motorcyclists flying by, but as I said, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Frigga is not interested in cars and trucks. She will watch bicyclists go by but shows no interest in chasing them. Still with her interest in bicycles I worried that she might chase a motorcycle. Well, a motorcycle group just went flying down the road while we were out exercising the dogs. Odin looked up from the game to watch them as they went by. Frigga didn't even pay them a moment's notice! She was happy with her ball and to her they didn't even exist. I will of course not drop my guard but it was good to finally find out how she would do with this test. When Odin was a pup he started to chase a motorcycle once but stopped in his tracks when I called him back and never has done so again. It seems Frigga may never even do that much. Quite a relief.

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YEAH, Frigga!!
Good Girrrrl!! Yes! That is good to know, since motorcycles happen unexpectedly sometimes. Great that she has the strength of nerves to not be set off by motorcycles. I bet in the woods, dirtbikes also would not faze her. Good going to you AND Miss Frigga!
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