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Friend's Dog pooped in Crate...possible reasons?

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Not sure if this is where I should post this, but was hoping to get some suggestions from this group.

A friend of mine has a yellow lab (he's maybe 5 - 7 yrs old)....and today she shared this issue with me.

Barney pooped in his cage last night. Now keep in mind he sleeps with us and is only caged when he gets annoying - like a leave blows into the front yard and he thinks he needs to bark frantictly to let us know OMG! Or the FedEx truck goes down the street....there's never any real reason for alarm so I often cage him during the day when I work from home for my own sanity. Well he apparently didn't like that yesterday and decided to drop a steaming pile in his cage sometime during the night -- WTH?

So, I asked a few questions like, did he eat something different that may have caused stomach upset. Did he not go out for a BM before bed time, or did he give the signals and nobody heard it (therefore having no choice).

She then replied with:

He's been going outside a a nervous habit to want to go out like 2-3x an hour -- very annoying. And nothing new to his seems like it was purely attitude!

I told her that I didn't think dogs would think like us and say "I'll show you" (then poop)and then asked if he was actually urinating every time he went out....if not, maybe he has a UTI or bladder infection, or something of that nature and maybe he's having the sensation that he has to urinate but can't.

What are your thoughts on this? I'd like to give her advise and felt this might be the best place to get some :). Thanks all!
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I have known many an animal who was not above petty revenge. I once had a pet rabbit poop right in the middle of my bed because I locked him in my bedroom during a party.

I wouldn't be too concerned unless he starts making a habit of it.
Thank you Locknload - I'll pass this along :)
Dogs do not revenge poop, or poop out of spite. The dog likely had a little upset tummy (try to remember that even if you don't eat something weird or aren't sick, you still get an upset tummy once in awhile - especially children/puppies). Not to mention that it sounds like the dog has a bit of a nervous temperament anyway. Without more info, it's hard to say, but it sounds like either an upset tummy or the dog was anxious because the routine changed. Some dogs don't care if the routine changes and some LIVE and BREATH routine. Got stressed, had to go, decided to go.

Simple as that. It happens, they are puppies. Unless this is a very regular thing I wouldn't think a thing of it, although it does stink (literally) to wake up to poop in a crate!
Thanks Rerun - He is a bit of a nervous dog like you mentioned and I have a feeling that he probably tried to warn someone, but they just didn't hear him and he had no choice but to go. I'll pass this along too :)
It sounds to me that maybe they have gotten in the habit of ignoring any noise he makes while in the crate? Maybe he tried to tell them he needed to go out and they didn't respond?

The comment that he has been "going outside a ton" needs to be looked at. Are they going out with him to see if he is actually going potty? Changes in behavior can certainly indicate a medical issue.

It sure sounds like poor Barney would benefit from a vet work up. That would be my advice.
Thanks Sheilah, I did ask her if Barney was "eliminating" every time he went outside....haven't heard back on that one - to me that indicates some sort of UTI or bladder infection and I would certainly want to have that checked out. I'll give her a shove in that direction!
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