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Free toy that's tons o' fun...

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I'm talking about an empty gallon milk jug!!! I figured it was ok for Kodee to play with one under supervision (in the kitchen while I make dinner), and he is having the time of his life with this thing.

He has about $2963.18 worth of dog toys, and his new favorite is a milk!
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they are great fun, and after they have annihilated it, you can throw it in the recycle bin!
try putting some treats in it.....Kodee will have even more fun trying to get them out!!! have fun!!
Tosca likes it too. The best things in life are for free.
Hey, I like the treat idea. However, it took Kodee about 1/2 hour to actually start getting pieces of plastic off the jug, so I had to toss it out. I hate to think how crazy he would get for treats!
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haha At work (doggie daycare) if I have a bottle of water I will hand it to Brenna after I finish. She will prance around waving it proudly and instigate a game of "hey! I want that!" with the other dogs. lol
I agree, the plastic milk/water jugs make marvelous toys. The Hooligans have been enjoying them for many years (Tex's breeder is the one who told me about them).
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We started chopping the spout off the large rectangle water jugs (2+ gallons) you slide into ther refridgerator, and then we fling it out in the yard. Ruby goes bonkers over it. We place chase and soccer and she just loves it. She plays hard with it though and it only lasts about 25 mins or so.. then little pieces of plastic come off. I have to supervise her the entire time she's playing with it.

But it is tons of fun and she likes that they bonk around and make noise.
Gracie liked when there would be ice pieces in a water bottle. It was a great outside toy - and I laughed hysterically when it would shoot out from her feet when she'd pounce on it!
That's a great idea of putting a treat in the milk jug and giving it to them. One thing about the milk jugs, though, I have to go over the yard later and pick up small pieces of the plastic that Pal has chewed off the remaining jug. I am afraid to give him a jug now for fear that he will swallow the plastic pieces and it could mess up his bowels. Is that a reasonable fear?
I think it is a reasonable fear.
our dogs love empty pop bottles (without the lid) during the summer i will ut water in them and freeze them then allow the dogs to play with them out doors.

another thing that you can do is put dog treats in them
That's one of our not-so-secret, secrets LOL!

The neighbors must think we're nuts ... but that & cardboard boxes out in the yard make Max very happy
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Hi, I am new to this board so I need to see if anyone have the answer to this. I just purchased a 6 week old German Shepard Puppy 1-1/2 weeks ago and he is attached to my 17 year old son but when I enter the room or around him, he runs the other way. What is wrong? Could he have been abused by his previous owner. Any suggestions or advise from anyone is appreciated. I will post a picture of him when I find out how to do it.
I wash out the 5 gallon tide jug and they love it! one of my daughters friends saw the container and commented low budget on dog toys huh
6 1/2 wks old? seriously? wow, that is far too young to be away from mama yet. the pup has probably imprinted on your son, somewhat like a older sibling and connected. It may see you as a person to steer clear of right now, especially if you are the one that brought it home. after all, you would be the one who took it from mama. give it time. how long have you had it, and have you chastised it at all for say, peeing inside etc. it could fear you a bit too because it has not had the luxury that most gsd do and had mama teach it how it is too react to people.
Originally Posted By: Shandril2That's one of our not-so-secret, secrets LOL!

The neighbors must think we're nuts ... but that & cardboard boxes out in the yard make Max very happy
isnt it funny? we spend hundreds on toys, but give them old plastic bottles or a small box with something in it, or a beach ball, and they are in heaven. Give them a broom stick or allow them to steal one of yor stuffed animals and they protect it for years. Bearla scored one of my treasured stuffed gorrillas (i collect them, i have a soft spot for the gorrilla here at the toronto zoo). she scored it today and has been carrying it everywhere since we got back from teh vet. that is, when she actually gets up. poor girl.
ahh well, i dont mind.
and yes, if the neighbors think we are nuts, oh well, lol
I use the empty coke bottles with top and ring gone. She also loves the large Arizona Tea jugs. The plastic is much thicker and sturdier than on milk jugs. I have yet to have to pick up any bits of plastic or even throw one out. She tears up everything else but these....

I will have to try putting treats in one. Hadn't thought of that or freezing the pop bottles in the summer.
Heidi loves the plastic gallon jugs. Our next door neighbor saves us the jugs from the Poland Spring water they buy, so Heidi is well supplied! I usually put small biscuits in a jug every morning before I leave for work. Then I crunch it up so it takes a little more effort to get the treats out. I usually make sure the treats will come out okay, but sometimes she'll bite the jug and then the opening is too small.

Sometimes she'll chew pieces off the jug. It usually happens when I'm on the computer or doing something that doesn't include her. I've never known her to swallow the pieces, though. She always leaves them on the floor.
Oh yeah they do like plastic bottles! And it's cheap until you have occassion to have a full one within doggy reach.... A friend had a young dog get into a 2 liter soda jug.... I had one puncture a 1/2 gallon jug I was traveling with in the cab of the truck. I forget whether it held milk or water... I stopped briefly and forgot to move the jug out of reach... So it can be even more fun then.... I'm not gonna do milk jugs/soda bottles with the next pup!
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