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Foxie Roxie is Lost! Help her come home!

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We adopted Roxie from this website about 7 weeks ago. This past Saturday, we took her to Kalamazoo to get her final shot. A man reached down to pet her and she popped her collar and bolted. She ran FOREVER and finally ended up in a heavily wooded area. Although she had come a long way with us, Roxie is afraid of everything including her own shadow and really does NOT like people at all. She is only 6 months old, and her belly is still shaved from being spayed. Her fur is half puppy fuzz & half adult long hair.

If anyone is in the Westnedge/Kilgore neighborhood of Kalamazoo, please please contact the local SPCA. that is where we adopted her from and they are doing everything to help us find her!
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I'm very sorry to hear this. I had this happened with a foster dog who was TERRIFIED of everything.
I caught him 3 days after he jumped out of my sencond floor window but it was truly a miracle cause I thought for sure we would never catch him since he wouldn't let anyone come 15 feet from him.

You may have to get some traps and set them up for her in the woods she disappeared at.
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I hope she is found. I agree that setting traps is probably going to be the best way to catch her.
Prayers and positive thoughts are going out to you Retta, and Roxie.
Just checking in too see if there has been any sightings of Foxie Roxie. She reminds me of my first dog...also named Roxie...I wish you luck, don't give up. She's going to get hungry soon...

I'm sending you positive thoughts and prayers. Judy

Have you hung any posters in the area? Also ask the children, they see everything.
Retta e-mailed my this am and said there was a few sightings of her!! She was in a man's backyard sitting there watching a squirrel. When he called her she ran off. It is fenced, so maybe they can bait and catch her if she returns. Another lady saw her several times but didn't leave her #. At least she is not in the wooded area, as there is a large preserve nearby. I did e-mail the local HS that is nearby and got lucky, the secretary is an animal lover and put out announcements to faculty and students. The spca also has fliers with her pic on it so I think they are getting the word out. She is also running an ad w/ pic in the local newspaper... Please keep prayers going and fingers crossed!!!
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SHE'S HOME!!! We just got her home about 40 minutes ago. Evelyn from the SPCA was able to lure Roxie to her with food. Then she grabbed her! Poor baby is exhausted, but otherwise in remarkably good shape! She's favoring her right hind leg a little, and she's got some minor scratches in her ears but otherwise she's no worse for the adventure. She's playing with Koko & Annie - she's already did a house run & grabbed some toys. I think she missed us! Anyway - thank you all for thoughts & prayers. I've got a baby who needs to cuddle!
THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief. Sounds like she's very happy to be home!

Buy her a harness to prevent further escapes!
Oh what WONDERFUL news!! I have been watching this thread hoping and praying.

I am so happy for her and you!!
I think the power of prayer is an awesome thing!! Retta, I am so happy for you and your pack!
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I am soo very happy for you!
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I am so glad she is back home... YEA.

You might want to try a Martingale collar, great for dogs who want to pull and slip their collar.
I am THRILLED that Foxie Roxie is home...

I would make sure to use a choke collar when she is out now...I know that she is getting pampered at home....Judy
I guarantee that she will never leave our front door again without a choke collar! What a nightmare this has been!
Retta! YAAAAAA!!!!!
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Foxie Roxie is home!

changing the title!
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Re: Foxie Roxie is home!

Not to split hairs but please don't use a choke collar on her. It can really be detrimental to a dog with issues like she has. There are some great front clip harnesses that can also be attached to the regular flat collar. One is called the Sense-ation harness and the other the Easy Walk harness.
Re: Foxie Roxie is home!

congrats on getting your baby home!!!
Re: Foxie Roxie is home!

I agree with Ruth, I think a different collar than a choke collar would be a better idea. I am so happy you have your beautiful coat home!
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