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found a trainer!! woohoo!!

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about a month ago my boy tyson completed and graduated basic obediance. our trainer was also involved with a schutzhund club and encouraged me to join. i really wanted too but considering the way the economy is and how work has been going i havent been able to come up with the funds to join the club.

last weekend my GF got together with a friend that she used to work with and went out for lunch. apparently she is a GSD lover too!! she trains with a k-9 police officer that works on bite work and tracking for a very very reasonable price. the officer trains for the love of it and is looking forward to meeting my boy! o man am i excited and looking forward to next friday!
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Congratulations! It is addicting. Where in N IN?
Originally Posted By: jes,mag,mistyCongratulations! It is addicting. Where in N IN?
Leesburg, IN its west of warsaw
Finding a good training is an accomplishment all in itself, isn't it?

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