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Found a breeder in area

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So I was kinda browsing the online classifieds of the local newspaper under pets and thought I would see if there were any gsd's available (now I should say I am not going to get one immediately-target date is a year from now). I found a breeder located about an hour from here (in MS) and I went on their website. Their dams and sires are just gorgeous and it they look like they have a very nice farm where the dogs are well cared for. that I've rambled on are my questions:

If I do opt to get a gsd from a breeder rather than a rescue (which is what I have been considering), what questions should I ask? What should I observe when I visit the facility? Is it OK to ask for references from other customers/clients?

Thanks in advance for the feedback. Oh, and here's the web address:

If anybody knows anything about them (good or bad) I would appreciate it. Thanks again,

Felecia (MemphisGirl1)
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At the bare minimum, every parent should be OFA'ed. Don't just trust the breeder, research it at There is NO reason for someone to breed GSDs without having their hips checked. Older dogs may not have their elbows done, but in the last 5-10 years or so, most breeders have fallen into step and do elbows and hips.

Why are you (the breeder) breeding these two dogs? What are possibles negatives of this pairing? Strengths?
Does the breeder have knowledge of the pedigrees?

I personally feel that GSDs that are bred should be "doing" something.... schutzhund, herding, agility, obedience, therapy work, police k9,...... just something:)

Also, websites look great but IMHO it is a very bad idea to give money without seeing the premises and the dogs .
2 litters avaliable now, and a litter on the way - wow, that's a lot of puppies. I wonder were they keep all of the dogs?

Based on the web site, the requirement for getting a puppy is or using their stud service is $$. Even on their home page they will sell a "security" dog to "protect your business"

The breeder I got my wonderful pup from would raise 2-3 litters together occasionally.

I would not see that factor as a negative while researching for breeders. It depends on how the facility is run and the breeder's ethics, and the way I can accurately judge that is to see for my own eyes (if possible) and develop a rapport with the breeder.

I visited my pup's kennel a couple of times, first time was to get a feel before putting down my holding deposit. Both adults and youngsters are very well cared for and it shows. I had the joy of interacting with a few of her breeders and future breeders. She is not a small hobbyist breeder, but neither is she a large production breeder either.

It really depends on how the breeder runs his/her kennel, be it big or small. Another thing to consider is, if it is a larger operation, they would have hired and trusted help to see to the dogs.

It is no different from a very reputable parrot breeding facility.

Good luck on your search. There are certain red flags to watch for, that's for sure.

~ Rei
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Felecia, here are my criteria for selecting a breeder:

Other great articles on how to choose a breeder:

Based on their site, I would pass. The only info they give is on the dog's pedigrees. There's no info on the dogs themselves, what titles they have, OFAs, what training they are doing. Usually if breeders are actively involved in training or titling their dogs, they will say so on their web site. Also, this is just a personal preference, but those dogs looked large to me. Not really fat, but not exactly what I would call fit, which again leads me to wonder what training and work these dogs are doing, if any. Based on the web site alone, I'd say you could do worse, but could do a lot better.
Thanks for the advice, guys...this really helps!
Another resource is the GSDC of Memphis. They have club meeting every week, and one of their members might have what you are looking for. But don't forget to ask all of the questions you need to about health, training, etc.
Originally Posted By: MemphisGirl1

Is it OK to ask for references from other customers/clients?

Felecia (MemphisGirl1)
Absolutey. BUT we aware that contacting them might only tell half of the story. Anyone with half a brain will only use someone as a reference if they KNOW that person will give a good "review". There could be just as many, or more, people out there that have done buisness with the same kennel that had a bad experience.(sp)

If you tell people what type ("American" lines, German Showlines, ect...) of GSD you are looking for, and what your plans would be for the puppy/dog, they may be able to point you towards other breeders to check into.
I can't see a post from someone named MemphisGirl without mentioning the MAS:

I fostered/worked with 3 dogs from there and they were WONDERFUL! One super drivey, one a super diva, and the other a mix who fell asleep at a picnic with 300 teenagers.
Whoops-saw you are looking at both already.

Just be careful that you ask about returns-what I hate to see anyone do is get stuck with a breeder who doesn't stand behind their dogs forever-particularly in your area where there are so many wonderful GSDs in shelters and a lot of BYpuppyproducers pumping them out by the wagon load. Sometimes you can even see similarities in dogs over time-so you know that they are coming from the same BYPP.

Smithie88 (is that her board name-I can't remember) is someone that I have never met, but would feel would have a good handle on things down there and could help you a lot. They breed beautiful working line dogs, but also help with (Price's?) rescue, I believe.

I notice that they keep saying they are not a mill, so that shows what you are up against-there are mills and random acts of breeding all the time.

Though I would imagine even having 3 litters every few months every year to track through their lives and make sure that they don't end up in the wrong hands would be difficult. I don't know exactly what a small hobby breeder would be defined as, but that seems like a larger scale-but I don't know!
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anyone else think (with the exception of Maxie) that these dogs look pretty wonky in the rear (specifically Xena, Gretta & Sasha)?

ETA: just realized that Xena has the leash wrapped around her. it'd be nice if they bothered to put a better photo of her.
I was looking at Getta's puppies... they have white toes? I've never seen that before.
White toes and white spotes on the chest are very common in certain lines. Personally, I do not have a problem with them and most just about disappear as the dog matures.
I would be more concerned with hip certifications, lack of any apparent type of "work", and would want to check out the livivng conditions.
Originally Posted By: JeanKBBMMMAAN
I notice that they keep saying they are not a mill,.....
This to me is STRANGE. I have looked at about a zillion web sites over the years, and NONE of the breeders most folks would consider a good, reputable, breeder ever so much an mention puppy mills, let alone have to say they aren't one.

Makes me think of the saying about "he who protests too much".
Tracy it also could mean they have been attacked in the past or maligned on a message board and that is their way of addressing what was said

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Thanks for the heads-up on the local gsd club. I'll look into that!

Again, thanks to everyone for their opinions. Sounds like a lot of you are kinda skeptical about these folks, and I will take that into consideration. I defer to your expertise on this because you guys obviously love the breed and just want to make sure anyone considering a GSD chooses a breeder wisely.
Memhis--you are smart to do your research beforehand. Take your time and learn about the breed and different types of GSD's. It will be worth it in the end.
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I agree with Chris don't be in a hurry to get a GSD before you do some research. There are a lot of good breeders out there and then there are the ones that don't have the same practices. Just like buying a car you shop around before you make that purchase. Although a GSD doesn't compare to a car. Just look at many breeders and choose a few from that and check out their guarantee's ( contracts ) if they guarantee a dog less than 2 yrs in my opinion I would go to the next one, there are lots of good breeders out there.
Well, I browsed the website. First thing I noticed is there is no reference to Hips or Elbow Certifications through OFA or Germany. It appears they are simply buying puppies and promosting the fact that they are from famous parents. Nothing done on their end (OFA or titles). Also, did anyone else notice they say Ozzy is 14 months old but he is also listed as the sire of the May litter.

Humm, sounds stinky to me......
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