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Forestville, MD - ID#A292323, F Adult, Handsome LH

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Prince George's Co AS in Md. has another GS, looks like could be a longhaired:

Beauty, female GS, is also here
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Dogsaver, Please check your PMs.
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What are my PMs? Pls excuse, am new to this site and am learning as I go along. Is there a section on your site where I can learn the symbols, etc.?
click on the blinking envelope on the top of the page next to the "my Stuff" heading pm's are "private messages"
Thank you! Notice you have a Jindo mix. Any chance you want another pure one? Check out the Jindo Dog Rescue Adoption Board; there are 2 young ones (M&F) avail in TN.

Prince Georges County Animal Management Group
Forestville, MD
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bumping this baby boy back to page one.
Up ya go!
poor baby looks so scared....
Cinnamon is still there. This shelter is overfull (they have a notice on their website), 3 to 4 dogs in a kennel. VGSR has holds on several GSs there but Cinnamon slipped to the end of the posts so I'm bumping her back.

NOTE: There are two dogs named Cinnamon here, one is a mix, so don;t get confused.
Do you know if VGSR is able to take her too?
I'm assuming she'll see this thread and will post something; I'll look for her on other posts and will send her a PM.
This girl has several apps on her. VGSR has their name on her as a back up. Glenda is watching her closely and has a fantastic working relationship with this shelter.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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