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Hmm. I'm entering Balto in some more rally trials and I just noticed the check box for the Foreign Registration Number. So, I go to the obedience regulations and see this:

Include one of the following:
• AKC registration number
• AKC litter number
• PAL/ILP number
• AKC Canine Partners listing number
• Foreign registration number and country of registration for an
unregistered imported dog
• Identification number issued by AKC

It looks like you can enter a dog that is not registered with the AKC, but is registered with an FCI or other registry. Now the only block to trialing my Dutch Shepherd in AKC events is the fact that he's a Dutch Shepherd.

I registered him as a Canine Partner, but the new rulebook states that those dogs must be neutered to compete, and Boaz has a conformation career ahead of him, so it's going to be a while.

Darn! I thought I found a loophole. I guess it's UKC, APDT and CPE for me.
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