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For those who sent Schatze their love-here she is!

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She sends her love and thanks !!! I'll always be grateful to you for "being there" when we needed your prayers and good thoughts the most -- you gave us hope and encouragement to weather the storm, and we made it through. Here we are today (6/8) in gratitude:



Patsy and Ms. Schatze
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I just read your story. So happy she is fine. You look so happy together in the pictures! Enjoy every minute of it!
You both look so happy, she is beautiful
I'm glad she is home with you, thanks for posting such great news!
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What a beautiful girl. I don't think I know the story. I'll have to check it out. Enjoy her - she's just lovely!!
You both look so happy, I'm glad everything worked out for you, she's looking great. The flowers are beautiful!!

Here's a link to the first thread about her problems:
Patsy, Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your healthy little gal Schatze. She is beautiful.
She's stunningly gorgeous. I'm so glad everything worked out for her- I think without you it wouldn't have.
Absolutely beautiful her eyes are amazing!!
Thank you so much for posting the pictures and the update, just earlier today I was poking around trying to find an update.

She looks awesome!!!!
I just read through Schatze's story. You guys are such great parents. Hopefully, this was just a rough start and now you are on to spend many happy, health years together! By the way, I love her name! She is a beautiful girl.
I am so glad to hear that she is doing well and home now. She is so beautiful too.
What a beautiful Girl!! Glad she's home now!
She is gorgeous!! And she looks so happy and healthy! She is a lucky, lucky girl!
So if it wasn't a blockage, what was wrong?

She is a beautiful girl. Congrats on health

The Medical Mystery Tour! (that song keeps going through my head)

She is absolutely gorgeous. What a lucky girl. She "malingered" because she liked her foster home so much maybe.

Serioulsy I am so happy she's doing so well.
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Thanks so much for the update and photos. Beautiful pup.
Yeah Schatze!!! She is a beautiful girl! I just read your original story and cried and cried. That would be so horrible to have to deal with. We just got our GSD a week ago and I don't know what I would do if this happened to her. You are very good parents and Schatze is very lucky to have you!
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