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foot allergies

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Last night Brady was going to town on his feet. Licking, licking and licking, then the whining. So I looked and he had like a big bubble in between is toes on a couple of feet. My husband is taking him to the vet today but he doesn't look like he is in any pain walking/running what can I do?
I am beside myself. We take such good care of him and everytime we turn around he has to go to vet. The lab we got when we bought our house never went to vet her first 2 years of life and nothing is ever wrong with her. WTF
I can't stop crying
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Let us know what the vet has to say about Brady's feet. I've been having 'licking feet' issues with Hunter lately but haven't seen anything 'wrong' there. Hunter is part lab and obsessive about stuff like that....

Sending you good wishes!!!

Thanks hopefully Husband will call
I was just at vets getting heartworm and advantix on Monday
and made an appt for his yearly exam too.
Seems everytime I step foot in that place something happens to him
Dawn, it's okay, just take a breath (learn from my neurotic moments!!) It's most likely allergies, but of course the vet will let you know for sure. Gracie has terrible allergies to mites, dust, pollen, grasses. She's has been on benadryl twice a day for a couple months. We went to the vet Tuesday to get her knee rechecked and he needed to switch her to temaril-p, it's an antihistamine/steroid combo medication, because her paws and tail area are so red. We may need to change antihistamines as benaryl doesn't seem to be working. It will be okay. Many GSDs just have issues - Gracie is our first dog and has a huge chart at the vet, all for legit issues! Keep us posted.
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update on Brady

It was definately foot allergies (husband can't pronounce it)
The vet says hair folical was infected on right paw and is on medication for a few weeks and we can soak he feet in clorox/water solution if we want but not necessary. They did his yearly and $300 later I feel better.
Hate seeing my baby in any pain.!!!
Thanks for everyones support and advice
Re: update on Brady

Well I'm glad you feel better!!! Is the medicine for the infection or the allergies? Will they give him anything for the allergies?

Give Brady a big hug from me!!!

Re: update on Brady

They gave him Simplicef for the infection
but they said other than that he is fine!!!

Husband laughed at what a wimp B-boy was at vet (whining)

I will give him a big big hug
Re: update on Brady

Glad to hear all is well and he is doing better. Its so hard when something is wrong with our little ones.
Re: update on Brady

Thank you!!!
Now the fun starts giving him the medication
Re: update on Brady

Poor Brady! I hope he's better today. Is it icky lotion you have to put on him or pills? Lotion wouldn't be fun for anyone involved.
Re: update on Brady

He is doing good today not licking feet
He is on pills and thank god I don't have to soak his feet (thats a pain) the vet said it wasn't that bad
thank god.

Thank you all for the kind words
Re: update on Brady

We just had Tucker in to the vet on Tuesday for the same thing...bottom of his feet were red and he was always licking them. Our vet also diagnosed alergies, but gave us a spray called "relifor"....I think it is very soothing to him, it goes on really "cool"...I didn't think about the benadryl though, will call and find out about that this morning...glad Brady's feeling better!
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