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Food Switch

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I've been through more food with Chance than I can remember. It always seemed he was itchy on anything he ate. Well, thanks to my fat Pekingese/Pomeranian mix, I ran out of Chance's kibble last night. (She went from 15lb to like 30 over night.
She not only chowed down on her food last night but ate around 6-7 cups of Chance's food last night as well behind my back. I'm surprised she didn't start throwing up!)

He's been on Solid Gold Wolf King for a while and while it's been the best choice so far as far as making him the least itchy, he was still itchy. And him chewing himself in bed with me drives me nuts!!
Well, since I had to buy new food I decided to switch to something new. I wanted the new lamb formula by Natural Balance but they didn't have it. Nor did they have the duck. So I told mom to just grab me the venison formula.

Normally he starts getting really itchy after he eats which says that it was something in his food. Well so far it's been 3 or 4 hours since he ate and NO ITCHING!!

Fingers crossed that it stays this way!!! I'm looking foward to a hopefully, good nights sleep with no waking up because Chance has to chew himself.

One thing though, it's a bit low in protein (20%) any ideas on boosting that?
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Just remembered one more question, I think I might be missing it somewhere but I can't seem to find it on the label or website, how many calories does it have in a cup? Or what formula (If there is one) can I use to figure it out? I want to make sure he's getting the same amount he was before.
409 per cup. I called the company and asked them when I started using it.
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