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MANY threads on here for dog food recommendations.

If you are looking for High Grade Foods (some are expensive) these are my picks:;)

*Fromm's is one of the favorites of many folks on here:
This is Family Owned, Family Run, & Family Manufactured. Most pet food companies are not.
*Fromm Family Foods is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated artisan pet food company.
*Produced with a commitment to quality and consistency at Fromm's hands-on facility in Wisconsin. High-nutrient digestibility and utilization offers complete and balanced nutrition.
*Third-party pathogenic bacteria testing is practiced on all production batches to ensure safety.

*Acana: locator: Store Locator | Acana

*Open Farms - Sourcing premium ingredients from ethical sources : Available at Pet Flow:

100% Human Grade Food - Dehydrated -
*The Honest Kitchen: a 10# box rehydrates to about 35 pounds but you feed much more of this type than kibble.

Air Dried Food:
*Ziwi Peak
Purchase at Only Natural Pet: ZiwiPeak Daily Cuisine Grain-Free Air-Dried Dog Food

Raw Foods:
These are all quality foods. Your choice depends on what specifics (such as organic, manufacturing practices =HACCP, GMP, or Anti-Pathogen Treatment=HPP, ect.,) are important to you AND the price per pound.
There are even more expensive products out there.

Bravo: Discover Balance Raw Diet | Beef Frozen Raw Dog Food Diet - Bravo Pet Food Find a store: Find a Bravo Retailer - Bravo Pet Food NOTE Feeding Guide Tab on the page.

Northwest Naturals: Beef - Northwest Naturals Find a store: Store LocatorFeeding Calculator:Feeding Calculator - Northwest Naturals

Primal: Complete Raw Diets for Pets: Canine Beef Formula Find a store: Primal Pet Foods: Store LocatorPronto is smaller pieces: After filling in the questions, use the reference for POUNDS or CUPS (this is Raw Food) in the feeding calculator:

Darwin’s: Home delivery: How Much should I feed?

Stella & Chewys: Feeding Calculator on right side of page.

You may find other commercially prepared brands in your area, but the description MUST SAY: meets the AAFCO standard for complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages.

Moms :)
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