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I went with the policy awhile ago on this forum of not reveiling what I feed to save myself the annoyance of the never ending food debate and critique. I know a few others that did this as well. Feed what works for you and your dogs.

Previously I was feeding kirkland for several years and happy but the gas was AWFUL. I have fed everything from nutro (many years ago back when it was the big hoo-ha here) to Wellness CORE, right now am feeding a middle of the road good quality food. Anyway, my point (which I promise I'm getting to) is that gas is normal; and whether an excessive amount is bad I don't really know. However, our dogs had awful seemingly never ending gas on kirkland so we switched to something else and the gas disappeared. They had been on kirkland for years and not had a problem, so either something changed or all my dogs digestive systems changed at the same time. So, I switched. The gas was THAT bad. They still toot now and again, don't get me wrong ;) but it's not constant and room clearing like it was previously.
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