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Food for Smokey?

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Smokey is on EVO red meat mixed with EVO salmon and herring, because I still had some left one the salmon and herring. He loves this food, but he does not eat a whole lot, so one big bag lasts 2-3 months, but his poo has been pretty runny. He will have normal stools for awhile then they will be really runny for awhile. His coat looks great he loves the food, but I think I need to try and find something else for him.He has been on Ol' roy, chicken soup for the senior dogs soul, Active Care, and EVO in that order. The only one he likes a lot is the EVO and I spend like $70 a bag, but it lasts, so price is no issue. The only think I do need the food to be is small bites, because it is easier for him to chew. He is 13 after all. I was wondering if maybe Blue B or TOTW would be good. Or are those similar to EVO?

Also he is on Adequin shots for his arthrits he will be getting his 3rd shot next sat. We have been getting it every other week then after the 4th shot it will be once a month. I know it's not the shot, because it's been happening before that. If it lasts more than 2 days I would cook up some brown rice. Then it would be fine for awhile then be runny for a day then be fine, so I don't know. Oh and he has had help checks and he is fine, so it has to be the food.
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He has had a fecal test done, so it's all normal. That's why I think it's the food his poo what fine with the other foods with an occasional runny poo, but he hated them and he loves EVO, but with the runny poo so often I think I need to change it.
I just went through the same thing with Stosh, he's always eaten Nature's Variety Instinct rabbit kibble without any problems. Recently he was having soft poop, I blamed the food and fed him rice with cooked chicken- no treats or bully sticks or anything he could swallow. After 4 days he's doing great! I was giving him way to much 'junk' food even though it was supposedly healthy stuff. His favorite treat, Waggin Train chicken jerky was most likely the culprit and I'll never give him those again. I made a double batch of my own jerky treats and a recipe of beef chewies, he loves them and his poop is back to normal. Maybe it's something other than his food is my point
Well that could be I have recently been giving him a lot of googies, but even before that he was having runny poo a lot. He don't get many dog treats. I always share my popcorn when I watch a movie, he gets bread somtimes and little bits of what food we are eating. He is not over weight though.
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