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I am the proud dad of a 3 year old, German Shepherd named Achilles. The other day, I was grooming him when I noticed he had some sensitivity to the right side of his rear. So, I decided to play walk behind me in circles until he'd let me see, I won. I only was able to see the wound for a few moments before he hurried away in pain. It was approximately 2 inches in diameter, on the right side of his anus. I rushed him to my vet, where I had an experience with her that I would never forget. She was a terrible saleswoman. At first, it was suspected to be a ruptured anal gland, then it could've been something that burrowed itself in him and left violently, then possibly a fight with another animal, then, her final assumption, a food allergy.

No test's were run, no blood taken, no further examination than look at my dog's wound next his anus. She immediately tried to explain to me, his food allergy (which I don't completely dismiss), I was going with it, as I was trying to form questions to ask her. Up until the part where she explained that his body is failing to absorb and break down protein, so that protein was looking for the path of least resistance out of his body. Which then I asked, "wouldn't the path of least resistance be the anus?" She took a brief pause, locked eye's, stuttered and responded with "no, it is common that these thing's, like the rejection, create a hole to leave." I responded with, "seems completely out of the ordinary, I have never heard of a GSD or any other breed with allergies have such a violent abortion of protein or any other substance." At that point is when I started to feel BS'd by her. But, I'm not a Vet. I just work with energies that look for the path of least resistance, so I know something about rapid releases. I asked her to re-explain to me, how these protein would cause a wound, more like a doggy geyser of wasted protein next to his anus (yes, I was trying to lighten up the atmosphere I created when I challenged her). Since, if his body was seriously rejecting the protein, I would assume that his anus, first would've been inflamed, red, super sensitive, bloody, mucus drip, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. She tried to explain again, this time with some serious attitude. I just nodded and agreed and wondered when she'd be done with her explanation. After, handing me a bottle of antibiotics and steroids she walked me to the front where she pointed out a specific brand of dog food. Science Hill Hydrolyzed Z/D, which for 10 minute's she tried her best to sell to me. Even handing me a 24lb of it, with a hefty price of $92.00. At that point I definitely felt BS'd. I handed the bag to her, told her my honest opinion about the visit, may or may not have taken some personal shot's at her. Not my best moment, but you don't BS me about my boy and think you can sell me a bag of dog food. His life is far more important that anyone's feelings.

I arrived home furious and as hot as I have been in a while. I told my wife I am about to blow and release gasses rapidly through the path of least resistance (she didn't get). I sat down for hours in front of my computer researching allergies, hydrolyzed dog food, protein breakdown in dog's, etc. I concluded, that if it were a food allergy it would have to be to a product in the food itself. Reading the bag I found absolutely nothing different on that bag that I could not pronounce or read. It was all the same. So, then it must have been the animal, the **** deer. I have been feeding my GSD's the same brand of dog food for years and never had encountered this issue. Venison and sweat potato, could it be the culprit. I wasn't sure, but if it could be, I have a lot of it I need to get rid of. I didn't feed him the dog food that night. Instead, I contacted a breeder friend of mine and some other GSD dad's on what to feed him for the night. Let's just say, he ate better than I. Wild caught salmon, sweet potatoes and some other good stuff.

The next day I went to my pet store and discussed the issue's with the manager. A Vet from another clinic over heard and stepped in. I am glad that he did. He nodded and apologized about my experience. Went through the process of diagnosis, what he would recommend, explained the pro's and con's of hydrolyzed dog food and it's potential outcome. Asked a series of questions that I would've expected from my Vet. I ended up and set up a visit with his office. Less legs the better, the same advice I follow, I felt stupid I didn't follow my own advice for optimal performance for my dog.

So, for all who read my post please share your experience's or recommendation's. The appointment is not for another few day's. Have any of you encountered a wound on your dog related to an allergy, at-least with an allergy test? If so, what did you do?

Have any of you used the hydrolyzed food? What was the outcome?
Science Hill, the Vet I met told me they have a huge influence on Veterinary Medicine, have any of y'all heard that before?

Please, any recommendation or experience would greatly help.

Thank you,

Also, please be tactful and courteous.
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